The Good Dog
Atheneum/Richard Jackson
Books, 2001
HC: 978-0689838248
PB: 978-0689838255
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Reviews, Awards, Honors: The Good Dog


Publishers Weekly: 

“The action moves along at a crackling pace, reaching a crescendo in a dramatic moonlight confrontation. The dog’s-eye point of view allows for some creative touches, including insights into animal behavior and the vocabulary McKinley uses for various human objects (‘eating sticks’ for utensils, ‘a block of staring papers’ for books, ‘glow box’ for television). But most compelling of all is the transformation of McKinley’s happy-go-lucky character into a truly majestic leader.”

Awards and Honors

The California Young Reader Medal, 2005-2006
Children's Crown Award, 2004
Rocky Mountain News, one of the best books of the year, 2001
Children's Choice nominee, Pennsylvania, 2003
Children's Choice nominee, Minnesota, 2006

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