Murder at Midnight
Scholastic, 2009
HC: 978-0545080903
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Behind the Book: Murder at Midnight

Avi writes:

Murder at Midnight is a prequel to Midnight Magic, a book I wrote some years ago. There is a lot of suspense and hocus-pocus in Midnight Magic, but best of all—I think—it has an unusual pair of detectives: the elderly Mangus the Magician, who does not believe in magic, and his young boy apprentice, Fabrizio, who most assuredly does believes in all things magical.

Writers get lucky when they really enjoy their characters. In fact, writing about these guys was such fun, I always thought I should bring them back in another book. That’s exactly what I’ve done in Murder at Midnight. It tells the tale of how this unlikely pair came together, and in so doing deals with a nefarious plot to tumble the ruler of the Italian city-state of Pergamentio.

No surprise: I’m thinking of using Fabrizio and Mangus in yet again in another magical, midnight adventure. Stay tuned.



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