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Becoming a Writer, Part Two

After a brief stint at Antioch College, I went to the University of Wisconsin (Madison). There I had a double major, theatre and history. I was a B- student. I avoided every English class I could.  (If you haven’t yet read Part One of this essay, click here.) When in college I asked a much


Becoming a Writer, Part One

I had never heard of Beacon College. It was founded in 1989 and was the first college in the country accredited to award bachelor degrees exclusively to students with learning disabilities, ADHD, and other learning differences. Their mission: knowing that given the right environment, support, and tools, all students can succeed. It’s located in Leesburg, Florida.  I

Old Granny Fox

Childhood Books

Sitting on my shelves are four books which somehow were saved from my childhood. The oldest is Giant Otto, by William Pène du Bois. Otto was an immense dog, about the size of a house. He was quite sweet, but when he wagged his tail, he created something like a hurricane. 

Book without Words

A Chronology of My Historical Fiction

On February 11, at 2PM (Pacific time) I will be giving a talk about historical fiction for the California School Librarian’s Association.  Here is a list of all my historical fiction with the dates in which the stories take place. Unless other noted the stories take place in America. 700   The Book without Words.  (England)

psychological thriller

An Odd Story

It was a good many years ago—I’m truly not sure when but it may have been as long as twenty-five years ago—I had noticed that horror stories—thrillers—were very popular in the world of children’s’ lit.

January in the Rockies

It being January here in the rural Rocky Mountains at almost nine thousand feet up, it was cold: minus two degrees. Pure white snow lay upon the land at least three/five feet deep everywhere. Skies were crystal clear and blue. All the same, my wife and I were driving to town for our weekly run