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Work in process

After half a year of work, I sent a new manuscript to my editor. It was far from being totally done, but it was a good start. More than that. I liked it.

Avi by Kate Milford

“A Rocky Road to Literary Success”

In the November issue of On Wisconsin, the alumni magazine for the University of Wisconsin, there’s an article about my career. “A Rocky Road to Literary Success” begins …


From my diary

As for that diary, it is full of energy and enthusiasm, with a great deal about reading and writing … there are long lists of the books I am reading, books that have nothing to do with my school.

Avi and Etta

Board books

I just spent a weekend with Henrietta, my two-years plus three months granddaughter. Etta, as she calls herself, is very verbal, and while I don’t understand everything she says or feels, it is clear she has two passions: trains and board books.

Moby Dick

First Words

As someone who has written a lot of first lines, I know how hard it is to create them. In truth, I spend a lot of time, with many, many revisions, attempting to get them right.

question mark

Basic Ideas for Better Writing

The other day I was doing a ZOOM visit with a class of seventh graders. At the end of the class, the teacher asked me to suggest some basic ideas for students who wanted to learn—or do better—writing.