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Freedom is never free

To create a society in which people are paid to spy upon one another, be it for politics or the books they read is abhorrent to me. As a citizen, as a writer, I feel obliged to speak up.

The Man Who Was Poe

Remembering Poe

Indeed, when I meet with readers it is not unusual for someone to ask me a fairly detailed question about a book I wrote—like The Man Who Was Poe—and are astonished that I don’t recall that moment in the book.

Ragweed & Poppy

Everything about Ragweed & Poppy

Book #2 in the Poppy series, Ragweed & Poppy, was the last story written, first published in 2020. You’ve written to say how delighted you are with this new story. Here’s a song, a sample chapter, a teaching guide, and several videos to add to your enjoyment of this book.

The Unexpected Life of Oliver Cromwell Pitts

Everything about
The Unexpected Life of
Oliver Cromwell Pitts

A look into 18th Century England, the criminal world young Oliver Cromwell Pitts becomes embroiled in, and one of Britain’s most notorious “thief-catchers,” who was a master thief. It’s a story written in the style of eighteenth century stories by Fielding, Sterne, and others—great fun.

Midnight Magic

Everything about Midnight Magic

A book about a magician who doesn’t believe in magic? A ghost story about characters who don’t believe in ghosts? A mystery in which the servant may know more than the master? All of these are true about Midnight Magic! Behind the story, resources, and more.

Gold Rush Girl

Everything about Gold Rush Girl

Behind the story, resources, articles, and videos for educators who are using Gold Rush Girl in their curriculum.