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At the National Book Festival

National Book FestivalAs someone who was privileged to be part of this year’s National Book Festival, (Washington DC) it was wonderful to see huge numbers of people turn out to hear about and share their love of books. Writers talked to large crowds about poetry and picture books, history and horticulture, fiction and fishing. There were people of all ages, scampering kids galore, and older folks, some in wheel chairs, plus multitudes of young couples clutching hands and books—in double-handed affection. Glorious weather. For bookends, the dome of the Capital at one end of the Mall, the Washington Monument at the other. When I spoke, and the time for questions came, there were more kids lined up than adults. “How does it feel to be a writer?” asked one young reader. Right then and there, the answer was “Good!” (and very honored to be there).