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Catching a Book by Surprise

surpriseOne of the things I have learned to do is—in my own jargon—catch my writing by surprise.

That is to say, I arbitrarily open a completed manuscript, and start reading a paragraph, a page, and try to experience it as an independent entity. Quite often I catch small things, tiny things, that when altered, make for a better reading. It may be word choice, it might be rhythm, it might (and often is) word repetition, or simply cutting. Of course, any passage, and or page, is part of the whole, but every page, paragraph, sentence, and dare I say, each word, needs to have an aesthetic integrity of its own. A book’s sum surely is greater than its constituent parts, but the parts need to be noticed, too. And nothing is better than a beautifully rendered sentence, paragraph, page . . . 

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  1. A great idea. I don’t think I’ve done this very often. I will now though!

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