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Story Behind the Story #59:
Crispin: The End of Time

It was one of those rare moments in my writing life: When I conceptualized writing the Crispin books, I envisioned a series of four books, each with a certain story. The fourth book was very much in my head. It would take place in Iceland, and beyond. Curiously, I even knew the last line of the final book.

First however, there was the third book to write, Crispin: The End of Time.

Some things had changed. The original editor of the first two books moved from one publisher to another. But there was, at first, still a commitment from the editor to publish the next two Crispin books.

This third book was written, and in the first draft, Crispin reached Iceland.

Indeed, I went to Iceland, wanting to experience the land, and the light, when, during summer, there is light all day and night. Things changed. The editor (and I) decided not to publish the full text of the third book, but, reserve the Iceland adventure and subsequent events for a fourth volume. At least that was my understanding.

Iceland, in the summer

The third book ends, therefore, with Crispin on the high seas, heading for Iceland.

But if you look at the jacket of Crispin: The End of Time, it reads, “The Final book in the Newbery Medal-winning Trilogy.”

Which is to say, no fourth, final book.

Not my decision.

Since that time, some Canadian film-makers have taken an option on the series, the intent being to produce a television series based on the books. In discussion with these folks, I outlined the idea for that last book. Those ideas would be incorporated in the prospective series. And, I suppose, I would write that fourth book.

I hasten to say, film-making, at best, is a dicey project, and it’s impossible to predict if that film will actually be made.

If you look at the jack illustration of Crispin, the End of Time, he is leaping. Just what he is leaping into is unknown. I know, but I haven’t told-not yet, anyway.

I would like to write it. Some day.

2 thoughts on “Story Behind the Story #59: <br/>Crispin: The End of Time”

  1. I think a fourth Crispin book would be neat. I also think a sequel to Perloo the Bold and The Book Without Words would be neat.

  2. My 10 year old son and I just finished The End of Time. We have discussed what we think will happen to Crispin and Owen when they reach Iceland. We are so hoping that you will share their final journey! We will be patiently waiting.

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