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Why Write for Kids and Not Adults?

fan mailNow and again I am asked “Why do you write kids’ books? Why not for adults?”

I can’t speak for writers of adult books—because I don’t write them. But kids share their thoughts about the books they read in direct, and touching ways.

The following are excerpts from letters an elementary teacher sent to me. Her class (I don’t know what grade) was doing an “author study,” with them reading many of my books. Here are some of the things they wrote me. Why would I write for anyone else?

  • Honestly, you write very well…I’m currently writing a book but to be honest I probably won’t finish it.
  • [Your book] inspired me to not be scared or afraid.
  • I like the book because it talked about real life stuff that unfortunately happens [in] everyday life.
  • I’m not a big reader but I love your book.
  • You make me happy when I read your books.
  • [I] is my favorite book you have wroten.
  • When I was reading your book I didn’t have any trouble with the words and it was easy to understand. While I was reading your book it always made me think, “What will happen next?”
  • [Your book] is really good so far and I can’t wait to read another chapter.
  • So far it is the best book (under 300) pages I have read. One more question, do you have any horse books?
  • When I read [it] was okay, but I was expecting more and it’s not very funny like it said.
  • I admire the fact that you branch out and write in multiple genres because you don’t come across many cool ghost books like this one. I never wanted to put it down until I was finished.
  • I hope you will keep making amazing books with emotion.
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