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From the Mailbox, part 1

I have to drive into town to get our mail from our post office box. Occasionally, I find a letter that makes the trip a joyful one.

Dear Avi,

Crispin: Cross of LeadBecause your books appeal mostly to young people, you may be surprised to hear from a 92 year old!

My 59 year old daughter introduced me to Crispin. Immediately, I fell in love with this poor nameless orphan! At that moment in my mind’s eye, I adopted Crispin as my great-grandchild!

Never before have I been so captivated by a series as your Crispin books!

Even though, in the beginning, this was a planned trilogy, please give us one more book in the series.

Avi, you are the only person who can tell us if the dangerous adventures and actions Crispin and Owen faced on their journey with Ivard and Halia.

Did they finally arrive safely in Iceland? As Crispin’s great grand-mother, I’m naturally concerned and anxious. I need to know!

Thank you! 


6 thoughts on “From the Mailbox, part 1”

  1. Avi, Your words and story lines continue to enchant readers of all ages! Agreed, Crispin is a consuming read, pulling at our parental heartstrings and our love for historical connections. Thank you for sharing this. We hope you are well during this uncertain time.

  2. I did answer, with much thanks. The fourth book? I would like to write it. Problem: first two books were published by publisher A. Third book published by publisher B, who declined to publish book 4. Maybe I should start a Kickstart campaign and self publish.

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