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From the Mailbox, part 2

Dear Avi-

Ragweed & PoppyThank you so very much for sending me a copy of Ragweed and Poppy. It was such a wonderful surprise to win the drawing! I’m not sure who was more excited, me or my 9yo daughter. She is a huge Poppy fan. When we heard that you were working on a new Poppy adventure, there was great anticipation. In fact, when I unwrapped your book, she swooped in and began reading it immediately. She finished it tonight, just gobbled it down in 2 days. She loved it and said it was a lot more funny than the other stories. She also thought the illustrations were adorable. Thank you so much for your writing and for continuing the story for these beloved characters. I suppose there are many other things you might like to do with your days but as long as you keep writing then we’ll be reading them. I hope that you are in good health and spirits and that you are enjoying every day that God gives us.

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