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Word for the Day: Mononymous

Word for the day: Mononymous, writers using one name.

Goodreads ran a list of the most popular mononymous writers. Not sure why, but they did. But it was, as this mononymous writer can attest, impressive. Here’s the list in order of popularity.

  1. The Republic.
  2. Ethics.
  3. Candide.
  4. Confucius.
  5. Poppy.

PoppyNow, that’s rather rare company for my mouse friend, Poppy. I’m not quite sure what philosophic insights she can add to such wisdom as these luminaries offer, but I’ll not begrudge her the placement or the fame.

This month marks her twenty-fifth birthday. Thus, compared to the other creatures on the list she is a mere infant. That she has achieved such a place in our culture is strikingly impressive. A few more years and I have great faith she’ll reach the top.

I like to think of her sitting around and discussing some of the big issues of the day with these folks. If I were a better mononymous writer I would like to compose that podcast. Feel free, anyone.

As for Poppy’s philosophical insights, here’s what happens when she wanders into Dimwood Forest for the first time:

“Poppy gazed at it in awe. She was not sure what she’d thought Dimwood Forest would be like. She knew only that she’d never imagined it so vast, so dense, so dark. The sight of it made her feel immensely isolated and small. Feeling small made a part of all she saw. Being part of it made her feel immense. It was terribly confusing.”

Welcome to the world, Poppy!

And Happy 25th Birthday!

Your friend,


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  1. It’s gratifying to know an American author writes old-fashioned adventure stories. Avi and Gary Paulsen, in my opinion, are among today’s best writers. Thank you both.

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