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A Chronology of My Historical Fiction

On February 11, at 2PM (Pacific time) I will be giving a talk about historical fiction for the California School Librarian’s Association. 

Here is a list of all my historical fiction with the dates in which the stories take place. Unless other noted the stories take place in America.

Book without Words700   The Book without Words.  (England)

1381 Crispin: The Cross of Lead (England, France)

1381 Crispin: The End of Time (England, France)

1381 Crispin at The Edge of the World (England, France)

1491 Murder at Midnight (Italy)

1491 Midnight Magic (Italy)

1554 The Player King (England)   

1656 Finding Providence

1724 The Unexpected Life of Oliver Cromwell Pitts (England)

The Unexpected Life of Oliver Cromwell Pitts1725 The End of the World and Beyond

1760 Encounter at Easton

1760 Night Journeys  

1776 Sophia’s War: A Tale of the Revolution

1777 The Fighting Ground

1784 Captain Grey

1835 True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle

1845 Beyond the Western Sea: Book One, The Escape from Home and Book Two, Lord Kirkle’s Money (England, Ireland, USA)     

1848 Gold Rush Girl 

Gold Rush Girl1849 The Traitors’ Gate (England)

1850 The Man Who Was Poe

1859 Hard Gold

1850 The Barn  

1862 Iron Thunder! 

1860 Emily Upham’s Revenge  

1870s The Seer of Shadows

1870s Punch With Judy

1870s Abigail Takes the Wheel

1870s Prairie School

The Button War1870s History of Helpless Harry             

1890 City of Orphans

1910 Silent Movie 

1917 The Button War (Europe)      

1925 The Secret School

1930 Shadrach’s Crossing 

1944 “Don’t You Know There’s A War On?”  

1945 “Who Was That Masked Man, Anyway?”  

1951 Catch You Later, Traitor  

1960 Man from the Sky

1980 Nothing but the Truth  

1980 Something Upstairs

2 thoughts on “A Chronology of My Historical Fiction”

  1. Just wow. I need to catch up. (It would be helpful to have the publication dates as well. But I can find those myself.) I think I need to gather all my Avi books to give to my grandkids soon. And buy missing titles! I am so glad you are in this world and have worked so hard. Thank you.

  2. Ever since I was a kid I have loved all the books I have read of yours. To this day my favorites are Midnight Magic and The Man Who Was Poe. When I see this list I am shocked that I never saw and still don’t see many of these books in the library or even in book stores. Thanks for a book list! Now I can have my children read more of your books and I can enjoy more of them myself.

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