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What My Dysgraphia Looks Like

Since I recently wrote about my dysgraphia, some folks have asked me what it looks like. What you see here is the earliest piece of my writing I have. It was found when the family home was sold. I am not sure of the date, and that means I don’t know how old I was. I was born in 1937, so surely it was composed sometime in the 1940s.

Avi writing sample

Here are things to note:

  1. The handwriting changes a lot on this one page.
  2. It appears to be my attempt to write a radio story, (I loved rockets and airplanes) radio being something I listened to constantly. I think radio stories influenced the way I came to write. Much dialogue. Short scenes. A lot of forward movement, all of which can be seen here.
  3. Bad spelling. The word scene is spelled three different ways. 
  4. But notice the parenthetical marks and phrases, which could come about only because I must have been reading a good deal.

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