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Everything about The Fighting Ground

For many years, schools have included this book in their Revolutionary War curriculum because it engenders good discussions, so in our tour of my books this summer, we need to include The Fighting Ground.

The Fighting GroundBehind the story

At the time I was living in Lambertville, New Jersey, so it was easy for me to catch a bus and get into NYC for a meeting with my editor. We were going to discuss the new novel manuscript I had sent her. I did indeed meet with her and learn that she was rejecting my book. read more


If a vocabulary list would be helpful for your students, here’s one from Vocabulary.com.

Jade and Latrell at Jefferson Elementary created a book trailer. “And the award for most dramatic music goes to …”

Your students may find the video “Long Arms of Homeland Security: the Brown Bess,” by Oleg Volk, to be of interest. A re-enactor demonstrates how to load the rifle used during the Revolutionary War.

Scott O’Dell Award for Historical Fiction

I was honored to receive this award for The Fighting Ground in 1985, the second year the award was granted. All together, this is a reading list that will keep readers young and old enthralled.


Small Planet Book Club offers a lesson plan with discussion questions and writing prompts, as well as links to sites that offer information about New Jersey’s role in the Revolutionary War.

Books about the American Revolutionary War

If you or your favorite reader liked The Fighting Ground you can find over 100 books for children and teens recommended by Harry Schenawolf, the editor of The Revolutionary War Journal.

Book Covers through the Years

Always intriguing to study a book’s cover, looking at how the publisher and artist felt this would promote a book to the most likely readers. The original cover is in the second row, on the right.

The Fighting Ground
The Fighting Ground
The Fighting Ground
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