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The Most Important Thing

An ideal book for discussion groups, these are seven short stories ranging from humorous to dramatic about boys’ relationships with their fathers and grandfathers.

The Most Important ThingBehind the story

When I write my novels, the characters, the plots, and the settings are almost wholly creations of my imagination. By contrast, when I write short stories they tend to come out of my own experiences or experiences I have observed close at hand.

Thus, one of the stories in The Most Important Thing is based, for the most part, on something that really happened to me. See if you can determine which one. read more

Sample Chapter

Candlewick offers Chapter 1, readable online and as a downloadable PDF

Author Note

This note to readers is available online from Candlewick Press.

Audio Book Sample

You can listen to a reading from the audio book.

Book Covers Here and There

Always intriguing to study a book’s cover, looking at how the publisher and artist felt this would promote a book to the most likely readers.

The Most Important Thing
The Most Important Thing, paperback
The Most Important Thing, Chinese edition
The Most Important Thing, Chinese edition
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