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Lived Experience

Álvaro Bernis
Álvaro Bernis

I don’t think I’ve ever turned this space over to someone else.  But I think this article is so well written and speaks to an issue anyone interested in books for young people needs to think about. So, I’ve put the link here, “The Limits of Lived Experience,” Pamela Paul, The New York Times, 22 April 2022.

I urge you to read it. Do comment.  


4 thoughts on “Lived Experience”

  1. Thanks for sharing this important article, Avi. The golden line for me is, “Culture is a conversation, not a monologue.” Couple that with a quote you once shared, “Good living begets good writing.” (I hope I got it right!)

    I find that the most talented writers are also gifted observers and explorers of the world around them. And different perspectives on the same topic are important for nuance and balance. Lived experience is valuable but empathetic observation and research are equally valuable.


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