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Álvaro Bernis

Lived Experience

This article is so well written and speaks to an issue anyone interested in books for young people needs to think about.

How Not to Write a Play


When I was a high school upperclassman and had already committed to a life in theatre (as only an adolescent can do) I was an avid reader of Harold Clurman and Walter Kerr.


History as Story

I’m a believer in what the philosopher George Santayana once wrote: “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”

“Less is more.”

Years ago—so many that I was typing on a portable typewriter—I had a deadline to meet. It involved finishing a book, and then typing it and delivering it by a certain day. Soon.   (I wish I could remember which book, but I can’t.)   I asked if I could use a friend’s out-of-town summer bungalow and



For a variety of reasons these days, there is a bit of vogue for self-publishing. One can have no objections to that. That said, I think one can find fault with self-editing. Not so much because it is wrong to go without external editing, but because one’s work suffers.  


Learning to walk

As some of you may have read here, I sustained a hip injury a couple of months ago when I slipped on some ice. After my initial fall, there was no pain, no surgery, no medications, I’m doing just fine, thank you. But I had a need for physical therapy.