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Stepping back

One of the advantages of working on more than one project is when you get tired (“I just can’t look on this again”) of book 1, you can go to book 2, just for a change of pace and text. 



A recent online review of my latest book, Loyalty, read: “ … since most of [Avi’s] books are short stories … I felt it was a little too long.” 


Upon seeing my newest book

Some twenty-three days after the presumptive official publication of my latest book, Loyalty, I received actual copies of the book.

manuscript submission

Submitting a manuscript

In all this, I am urging that there be nothing about your manuscript that inhibits the reader from reading it. That is, after all, the point. 


This is not about writers’ block

One of the questions I am almost always asked is, “Do you ever have writers’ block?” I heard it just the other day.