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Beginning, a Muddle, and an End
Harcourt, 2008
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A Beginning, a Muddle, and an End:
the Right Way to Write Writing

Avon the snail and Edward the ant are back for another funny—and philosophical—adventure. This time, Avon has decided he wants to be a writer, only to discover that writing is way more difficult than he ever imagined. He finally gets the word Something written down, but there's a problem: What to write next? Luckily, his friend Edward is there to advise.

Behind the Book

Avi writes: I like silliness, jokes and puns. I also—you may have noticed—like to write. I thought it would be fun to put all that together. This book is the result. While I have tried to be serious about writing, I wanted to put it all together in a way that it would be fun to read, enough to make you laugh. BUT—if you don’t like silliness, jokes and puns—do NOT read this book. It will drive you mad.


“ … it’s easy to imagine the right child sitting at the dinner table or in the backseat of the car, or traipsing through the grocery store, exhausting the patience of assembled, captive family with a word-for-word account of Avon and Edward’s hilarious exploits.” (Booklist)

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