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Bright Shadow
Simon & Schuster, 1985
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Bright Shadow

In a single day, Morwenna goes from being the lowliest servant in the king's castle to the most powerful person in the land. She has become the wizard, the bearer of the last five wishes in the kingdom, but with her new gift come rules. She cannot wish for more wishes, she cannot wish for anything for herself, and if she speaks of them to anyone, both she and the wishes will be gone!

Behind the Book

Avi writes: “How long does it take you to write a book?” is a question I’m often asked. The answer is, about a year. But it can vary. A lot.

Bright Shadow took me fourteen years to write! Not, I hasten to say, that I worked on it every day. I’d have gone mad. Instead, I worked on it now and then, put it away, picked it up, put it down. I sometimes thought of the book as my hobby.

Why did it take so long? I believe it was because I had created a very interesting kind of puzzle for my main character, Morwena, but did not know how to resolve it. So I kept changing and fiddling with it, until eventually I got it—I think—right. And it is—I will say—a clever ending.

I think I must say it is a rather short book—and will not take anyone fourteen years to read!


"Newbery Honor author Avi turns out another winner with this fanciful tale featuring a cast of woodland creatures… . While the themes about tyranny and heroism are timeless, Avi leavens his treatment with such 20th-century touches as Poppy's jive-talking boyfriend and Poppy's own romantic vision of herself as Ginger Rogers. An engaging blend of romance, suspense and parody, this fantasy is well-nigh irresistible." (Publishers Weekly)

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