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Captain Grey
Pantheon, 1976
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Captain Grey

Following the Revolution, an eleven-year-old boy becomes the captive of a ruthless man who has set up his own "nation," supported by piracy, on a remote part of the New Jersey coast.

Young Kevin Cartwright is the prisoner of a pirate king.

"I shall find a way to get free."

"Free!" he shouted. "You are here, with us now. You can forget about your father and your sister, or anybody else you may have known. You belong to no nation but this nation. Put him back where he was and don't feed him. Tomorrow we shall talk again about freedom!"

Behind the Book

Avi writes: I had been working as a librarian at what was then called Trenton State College. There came a time when the school was shut down and for a period of time I couldn’t go to work. It was the first time, as an adult—a writing adult—that I had free time thrust upon me. I decided I had best get to work. Captain Gray was the result. Among other things, it was my first historical novel.

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