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Encounter at Easton
sequel to Night Journeys
Pantheon, 1980
more historical
Encounter at Easton

In the spring of 1768, the doomed flight of two young indentured servants from their unkind master brings together an unlikely assortment of people in a Pennsylvania town.

Behind the Book

Avi writes: I’m not someone who remembers his dreams to any great degree. And such dreams as I do recall rarely have much to do with my writing. Encounter at Easton, however, came out of a dream. Or maybe it wasn’t a dream. It is a sequel to Night Journeys, and shortly after I had written that book, I started thinking about what might happen to the characters. I rather worried about them. In the event, one night I dreamed of what might have happened to them. When I woke up and remembered that dream I had the broad contours of Encounter at Easton.

Awards and Honors:

Christopher Award, 1980
Starred Review, School Library Journal, 1980



“As usual the characters and action in Avi's gripping story make it impossible to put the book down until the end.”

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