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Man from the Sky
Knopf, 1980
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Man from the Sky

In an almost failproof scheme, a man parachutes from an airplane with a large amount of money, only to be seen by a boy who has a reputation for seeing things in the clouds.

Everyone knows that Jamie is a dreamer. When he looks up at the sky, instead of clouds he sees knights and dragons from centuries past and fabulous creatures from far-off lands. But one day he looks up and sees something even more incredible: a man in a business suit parachuting from a plane.

Behind the Book

Avi writes: Two elements went into the making of this book. The first was a man who was known as D.B. Cooper, though that probably was not his real name. He was the man who first hijacked an airplane during a flight. In doing so he also took a large sum of money that was in the plane, and then, apparently, parachuted out of that plane—and vanished. The other element was my own writing troubles. That’s to say I was born with—and still have—a condition which is sometimes call “disgraphia,” and sometimes, “symptoms of dyslexia.” It is not a disability but mostly a nuisance, making my writing look sloppy, full of misspellings, and mixed up word choices. When I was in school it caused real problems, but obviously my life as a writer has not been hurt. Anyway, it was these two elements that merged to create this story—a boy with dyslexia who spends time watching the clouds—until one day he sees a thief drop out of the clouds.

Awards and Honors

IRA Children's Choice, 1980
Starred Review, Booklist, 1980



“Avi combines simplicity of style with wit as he builds a believable, gripping plot that is highly accessible to young readers.”

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