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Never Mind!
co-authored with Rachel Vail
Paperback, 2005
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Never Mind!
Never Mind! a Twin Novel

Edward and Meg are like night and day, oil and water. Meg zigs while Edward zags. How could two such different people be twins? Well, they are, but they don't have to like it—or each other.

Seventh grade means different schools for the pair: Brainy Meg's at ultracompetitive Fischer, while Charlton Street Alternative School is the place for freewheeling Edward. Oddly enough, it's just when Edward and Meg are finally out of each other's shadows that the trouble begins.

Within just a week, Meg's aspirations for popularity, imaginary boyfriend, and angst over a terrible yellow ensemble her mother has chosen combine with Edward's devious planning, lack of singing ability, and top-secret soft spot to set off a showdown the likes of which twindom has never before seen.

How is it, then, that this final showdown is so much fun? Could it be that Meg and Edward are more alike than they thought?

Never mind. Read the book!

Behind the Book

Avi writes: This is the only book I’ve written with another writer. How did that happen? I have a twin sister (Emily Leider) who is also a writer. She writes biographies of real people. I once suggested she write my biography. Like a good sister, she said “I’ve got better things to do with my time.” I told that story to my writer friend Rachel Vail, and Rachel’s response was, “I’ll write one with you.”

We set up some rules: We would write alternate chapters. Each would be free to rewrite the other’s work. There would be no telling the other to hurry up. All of this we did, and it was great fun.

Note: there’s not a sentence in the book that we did not both write.

Awards and Honors

Starred Review, Booklist, 2004
Children’s Choice nominee, Louisiana


“Light, fun, and sure to be popular.” (School Library Journal)

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