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No More Magic
Knopf, 1975
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No More Magic

While searching for his bicycle that disappeared on Halloween, a young boy and his two friends become involved in a magic adventure.

Behind the Book

Avi writes: My son was having an eleven-year-old birthday party, a costume party. His friends were to dress as superheroes. One boy came dressed as the Green Lantern. Of course, he had to have that magic green ring so he borrowed his mother’s jade ring. Alas, he lost that ring in the park where we were having the party. Let me tell you, it’s no fun looking for a green ring in a grassy park.

But, in part, all this gave me ideas for No More Magic, my first novel for kids. That the book was nominated that year (1975) for “best mystery of the year” gave me a tremendous boost as a writer.

As for that green ring, we never did find it.

Awards and Honors

Special Award, Mystery Writers of America, 1975


“… even a witch couldn’t anticipate the final twist of this plot.” (Kirkus Reviews)

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