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Poppy's Return
illus. by Brian Floca
HarperCollins, 2005
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Poppy's Return

Poppy returns … with big trouble. Family trouble.

Poppy and Rye don't know what to do about their son Ragweed Junior's attitude. He is rude, he is crude, and he has dyed his fur to look like Mephitis, his skunk friend. In short, Ragweed Junior is very much a teenager. Even Ereth, the cantankerous porcupine, with his salty swearing, can't straighten him out.

Then Poppy gets an urgent request to return to her old home, Gray House, where her aging parents, Sweet Cicely and Lungwort, are in difficulties. Not only does she agree to go back, she decides to take Junior, in hopes traveling together will bring them together.

But when Junior's skunk pal and Ereth join the party, the trip doesn't quite go as expected.

And when Poppy recalls she did not get along with her parents, things become even more complicated.

Behind the Book

Avi writes: The Poppy books are—I think—very much about family. Many of the incidents come from my own family life when I was a child, and/or when I was (as I still am) a parent. Poppy’s Return is very much a tale of this family life, and the multi generations that often exist side by side and which are so intertwined.

These days, a person can remain a child, and a grand child, even as they are a parent, and grandparent. How wonderful! How complicated! How interesting! And often, how funny!

Do your grandparents treat your parents as children? How will you treat your children?

It’s all here.

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