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Ragweed & Poppy
Book 2 of 7
illus. by Brian Floca
HarperCollins, 2020
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Ragweed & Poppy

How did Ragweed and Poppy meet and become friends? This book tells their hilarious story! Adventurous golden mouse Ragweed is on a freight train leaving the city of Amperville. On his journey he meets Lotar, a young, annoying, and lost raccoon who’s desperate to reunite with his mother. Though Ragweed doesn’t really want to help the raccoon, by doing so he winds up in Dimwood Forest.

Ragweed is now ready to strike off on his own, but it’s not long before he hears a cry for help. Following the sound of the voice, he finds a cage with a deer mouse trapped inside. When he asks the mouse’s name, she replies, “Poppy.”

The way Ragweed comes to Poppy's aid, and how Poppy comes to his, is how their rousing and fateful friendship begins. As for that annoying raccoon, he keeps getting in the way.

Story Behind the Story

The origins of Poppy, and the Poppy series can be found on this blog in a post dated June 13, 2017.

If you read that post and the other posts about the sequential books, you’ll note that I never intended to write a series, that even as they appeared they were not written in sequence. Moreover, that first poppy book appeared in 1985. In other words, the series began twenty-five years ago. That’s a stretch. read more

Awards and Honors

Kirkus Reviews 10 Top Middle-Grade Summer Reads


“Avi handles the large cast of familiar and new characters with ease, while pacing the narrative for maximum enjoyment. Floca's pencil drawings illustrate the story. ... A must-read choice for Poppy fans.” (Booklist)

"A characteristically droll lagniappe for a durable and popular series." (Kirkus Reviews)

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