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The Button War is reviewed

The Button WarThe Button War received this critical review from 9-year-old Nathaniel Kraemer. Thanks, Nathaniel, for sharing this with my readers, and for giving the book a starred review. 

“In this bone-chilling Avi novel, readers learn a lesson that they will remember for the rest of their lives: War is not a game. Set in a remote village in Poland, a group of boys are alarmed when the German army drops a bomb on the schoolhouse and the Russian occupiers leave. Inspired by all of the soldiers and the magnificent buttons that currently reside in their village, Jurek, the maniacal leader of the group, decides to launch a dangerous dare: the group would have a contest. Whoever got the best button would become the king. Patryk, one of the boys in the group, would do anything to stop Jurek from becoming king. But Jurek is determined and will not let anyone stop him. The battle spirals and collides with the war. As the button war turns lethal, everything spins out of control. With captivating and vivid scenes, this bittersweet novel will be an incredible read for all ages.” 

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