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Everything about Ragweed & Poppy

Book #2 in the Poppy series, Ragweed & Poppy, was the last story written, first published in 2020. You’ve written to say how delighted you are with this new story. Here’s a song, a sample chapter, a teaching guide, and several videos to add to your enjoyment of this book.

Ragweed & PoppyBehind the story

The origins of Poppy, and the Poppy series can be found on my blog in a post dated June 13, 2017.

If you read that post and the other posts about the sequential books, you’ll note that I never intended to write a series, that even as they appeared they were not written in sequence. Moreover, that first poppy book appeared in 1985. In other words, the series began twenty-five years ago. That’s a stretch. read more


Read a sample.

Teaching guide for all the Poppy books

Learn more about the illustrator of all seven Poppy books, Brian Floca


Listen to Avi read from the other six Poppy books .

Listen to “A Mouse Will A Roving Go,” composed and recorded by my son Shaun and his family.

Watch these videos

The Poppy books, in order by the telling of the story

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