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The best of years to come

the letter CHere we are at that rolling time of the year when we are besieged by lists of the best, the ten best, the hundred best. But in these covid years—and alas, it is plural—the best is to still be here, and to bless that fact, and share it with those we love. 

For writers, among those we love, are those we never see or hear from, indeed, know little about, our readers. Yet, they sustain us, both spiritually and materially. We writers are inventors and tellers of stories and hope those stories mean something to others.  

Why do writers tell stories? I think it’s to make sense of the world, their world, and their readers’ world. My favorite metaphor for writers comes from the late Donald Hall, poet, writer, former poet laureate. 

I am sure I set it down before, but I think it’s worth repeating. He said,  

“The writer’s job is to write what is rather like the letter O. But he/she writes the letter C—with a gap. If that gap is too wide the reader cannot bridge it. If it is too close, there is no need for the reader to do anything. But if that gap is just right, the reader fills it with her/his own experience and the writer’s circle is complete.” 

To all of you who help fill my gaps (and even those that don’t), here’s wishing you a joyful holiday and the best of years to come. 



3 thoughts on “The best of years to come”

  1. Agreed…the BEST is to still be here, making new memories with those we love. Thank you for allowing your readers the gift of “bridging the gap” between what’s on the page and what’s in their heart/imagination. You are literary royalty in my classroom and home because of your gifts of making stories come to life and encouraging readers to think. Wishing you a true holiday from your writing to make new memories with those you love!

  2. My son and I discovered your books during the vivid lockdown. We have read several and aim to read them all. Thank you for building a bridge for me and my 12 year old to enjoy together when it feels like there is so much trying to keep us apart. Happy New Year

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