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A New Year

2022This writer’s new-year resolutions:

  1. Get through to the next year. 
  2. Stay healthy. 
  3. Exercise hard so that 
  4. I can finish the two books I’m working on. 
  5. Write every day. 
  6. Become a better writer. 
  7. Write my best book ever. If  I can. 
  8. Meet deadlines. 
  9. Think about that next book I might write. 
  10. Get the two books scheduled for publication into my hands 
  11. Read more. 
  12. Listen more. 
  13. See less. Observe more. 
  14. Stay in touch with family. 
  15. Stay in touch with friends. 
  16. Be patient with editors. 
  17. Be patient with the chaotic publishing world. 
  18. Be patient with myself. 
  19. Enjoy life—every day. 

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