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Writing Tip: Veera Hiranandani

I’ve taught creative writing for many years and one of my favorite writing exercises that I’ve given to both kids and adults is experimenting with another point of view. Sometimes writers aren’t always aware of why they chose the point of view they did for their main character.

First, ask yourself if your story is told in first person, “I,” or third person, “he/she/they.” A less common point of view you can use is second person, “you.”

Think about why you wrote your story in whatever point of view you’ve used. Then rewrite the first paragraph or two in another point of view, perhaps changing it from first person to third person. See how it feels.

This can immediately open up another way of seeing your story. It can also give you the distance you need to make revisions even if you don’t end up switching the point of view.

Please visit Veera Hiranandani‘s website, where you can learn more about her books. You’ll also find an interview, podcasts, and educator resources.

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