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Writing Tip: Caroline Starr Rose

I’ve invited a group of top-notch writers to share their writing tips with you this summer. Look for a new bit of learned experience each Tuesday.

Caroline Starr Rose: On the bulletin board over my desk I have this quote from my author friend J. Anderson Coats: “Writing? Sometimes it’s not sacred. Sometimes it’s like making ground beef by pressing a live cow through a colander. It’s messy and hard and unglamorous and really quite insane, but at the end you still can eat a burger.” This quote is my reminder that sometimes you have to take some pretty twisty turns to get to the burger (I mean book). Sometimes writing is loads of fun. Sometimes it’s a slog. There’s a lot of patience required and the willingness to make wrong turns and false starts. All of it is a-okay.

Learn more about Caroline Starr Rose and her books on Caroline’s website. While you’re there, consider signing up for her bi-weekly blog posts on reading and writing.

2 thoughts on “Writing Tip: Caroline Starr Rose”

  1. Thanks for this note of encouragement. My current project seems like a slog as it talks about war. But I’ll be proud of it when it is finished so it is worth to give my best. Your book cover looks good. I was a mid school librarian and I would have chosen your book for my collection.


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